Jan 27

Appeal to the Jewish People from the Forum of Refugees from Azerbaijan SSR

In his article “An Auschwitz liberation tribute, Israel should study tale of two monuments” /https://www.jpost.com/Opinion/At-Auschwitz-liberation-tribute-Israel-should-study-tale-of-two-monuments-614769?fbclid=IwAR1cnrEJwqxXPsIj8cskai8g6Y6mtuMGFku-Xlfe0yal81SuDDDbxjzUsp8/ the author makes an effort to question the need for prevention and condemnation of genocides. Colonel Garegin Haroutyunyan (Nzhdeh)  as the organizer of prevention of a large episode of the genocide unleashed against the Armenians, was ordered as a target for  this Israelite article. In this article not only the historical reality, Nzhdeh’s humanitarian activities, the biography of that devoted human being and his goals were distorted, but also a poisonous attack on the prevention of a possible genocide was made. How in the bosom of the Jewish people would have come into being such an author that in the real life connived at the genocide and issued the cited article? We have great doubts as to whether he has any national relationship with Franz Werfel, Henry Morgenthau and Armin Wegner.

Whether the Jewish people is aware of the fact that up to the present days the genocide of Armenians in their native land by the Ottoman Turks, that took place 20 – 25 years before the Holocaust, was not condemned by the Jewish State.

The Jewish people is evidently ignorant of the fact that during the World War II the Turkish troops were in fighting trim at the border of Soviet Armenia, and pending the defeat of Soviet people waging the deadly war, were ready to instantly invade Armenia for completion of the Armenian Genocide this time in the eastern part of the Armenian homeland in the southern Transcaucasus, where the genocidal actions against the Armenians     were already once unleashed yet from 1918 to 1920. Yes, in those days the great son of the Armenian people, Nzhdeh, had to find ways for saving the fragments of those rescued from 1915 – 1923 genocide in the Soviet Union. There was a great danger that as a result of geopolitical games on all four sides during the pre-World War II years, the issue of physical existence of the Armenians would be once again the subject of bargaining.

And Nzhdeh set himself the great goal of saving the remaining fragments of his people.

Glorious is the people that gives birth to such a devoted son as was Nzhdeh.

Today, for the Armenians that survived like a Phoenix from the genocide ashes, the image of Nzhdeh is a symbol of struggle, of the being and of the future, the image of eternity, and the Armenians perceive a desired encroachment on this image as an infringement on their past, present and future.

It is not widely known that already at the Soviet times, much after the World War II, in 1987 – 1992, the  policy of genociding the Armenians by means of Turkish tribes was re-launched, and the Government of the Soviet Union made no efforts to save its citizens within its own borders. During those years tens of thousands of Armenians were killed, were missing and kidnapped, becoming the victims of genocide in Sumgait, the capital Baku, Gjandzha (Kirovabad) and other Armenian-populated territories of Azerbaijani SSR. The Jewish people is surely ignorant of these facts.

Why the author of the quoted article side-steps these real facts and does not provide his people with true information, but rather tries to discredit a devoted son of the Armenian nation that dedicated his life to saving his compatriots and serving his motherland?

This should be assessed from the viewpoint of those recurrent insidious geopolitical games, in which the destinies of peoples, their rights for struggle and existence are violated.

We appeal to the Jewish people, its devoted heirs, with a call for holding up this obviously genocide indulging article and the inhumane activities of its author.

Yes! The genocide that was initiated against the Armenians in the late 19-th century and continued against the Armenians and some other peoples in the 20-th century, has nowadays become a unique danger to the humanity. It is precisely here that the joint efforts of the Armenian and the Jewish peoples are required. And we are obliged to unite our efforts and jointly neutralize any steps and activities, which promote, sponsor and support the genocides.

A few days ago we paid tribute to the Armenian victims of the genocide that was organized 30 years ago from January 11 to January 19 in the capital of Azerbaijani SSR, Baku.

We join you in paying tribute to the memory of your Auschwitz victims.

Our pain is one, and we have something to do jointly.

The Forum  of  Refugees from Azerbaijan SSR 


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