Sep 26

Appeal to EU Agencies and International Community

On behalf of the Assembly of Armenians of Europe and the general forum held in the German town of Cologne on the 2nd of September, we appeal to the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and EU agencies with a request to support and assist the new people’s Government of the Republic of Armenia to ensure final victory of the solidarity and love revolution.
As you may know, an unprecedented, unique, velvet, and peaceful revolution with no single drop of blood took place in the Republic of Armenia this May, and the newly “born” government unconditionally supported by the whole nation both in Armenia and in Diaspora is currently vigorously fighting corruption and all types of injustice.
Today human rights and fundamental freedoms are the core values of the new and young Government and the people of Armenia.
The absolute majority of Armenians living in Europe support the democratic policy adopted by the new Government to ensure ongoing and smooth growth and development. Therefore, we wish the European Union, loyal to its universal value system, would show broad-based support to the Republic of Armenia to the benefit of justice, freedom, as well as development of bilateral relations and strengthened cooperation.
The EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement was concluded this March and now, following the Velvet revolution, this partnership, as a matter of course, should be carried into effect with new magnitude and depth.
Today Armenia needs broad support and economic investments from the EU to ensure all-compassing development: there are all preconditions to develop education, culture and science – it is only a matter of realizing this potential with EU support.
Armenia has always sought to live in harmony and peace with all its neighbours; however, the autocratic and anti-democratic authorities of Turkey and Azerbaijan, hand in hand, explicitly and implicitly, implement a policy of annihilating the Armenians in both Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.
We expect the leaders and authorities of the European Union to demonstrate impartial and broad-based support and fair policy in this exceptionally new and bright period of history for Armenia and the Armenian people.
The Assembly of Armenians of Europe and the participants of the general forum, who represent the approaches and opinions of the majority of Armenians living in Europe on the above-mentioned issues, makes this appeal to the EU agencies and the international community and urges not to leave the Republic of Armenia alone in this democratic struggle.

President of the Assembly of Armenians of Europe
Garo Hakopian
Sweden, Uppsala, 24th September, 2018
To The Organizations of the International Community
and Public Opinion, the Parliamentary Committees

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