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Ernest Grigoryan: “Step to Weakening the Security of Armenia”

30 – 11 – 2017 – wa.nt.am

As you know, in Brussels, the Armenia-EU framework agreement was signed, which contains issues of security, economy and foreign policy realities. The signing of the agreement with the European Union is presented as another achievement of Armenian diplomacy. Apparently, the diplomats were distracted from their business feasts and, without looking, signed another paper. And who of them can read 800 pages of the Agreement?

To facilitate their work, I propose to look at this historical event from the point of view of sociology. Let’s use Alexander Rusin’s article “Who rules the world?”, Placed in https://amfora.livejournal.com/

In our big world house the owner has long been established. And without his permission, nothing can happen in the world. And his permission is necessarily connected with his interests. And interests flow from the main, feeding activity. If his main activity requires the creation of certain conditions in the world, then he will provide them at any cost. Otherwise, he immediately wilts, and on the horizon will appear the contours of his menacing rivals.

Who is our master today?

The Fed (Federal Reserve System) is a private cartel formed in 1913 by twelve private American banks. The board of the Fed and the banks that are part of the cartel are well known.

And why not the US, which is considered the world hegemon and superpower, which controls most of the world? After all, today nobody has equal military power and financial capabilities to the US?
Because the US itself uses US dollars as a client of the Fed. The US dollar does not belong to the state – it is private property of the Federal Reserve, the property of a private banking cartel that does not obey either the president or the Senate. The Fed has exclusive (exclusive) rights to issue dollars (as well as withdrawing dollars from circulation) and makes an independent decision on changing the key rate, that is, on what percentage of dollars will be given to all other participants in the financial system, including the state.

The US president and the Senate are only the administration that publishes and executes laws, but does not have all the power. The US president and senators are managers who perform their functions in a management system subordinated to the Federal Reserve.

All countries that use US dollars in their calculations, all banks and commercial organizations, as well as individuals who use the dollar – are ultimately FRS clients. She regularly holds meetings and informs everyone about the decisions made – changes in the key rate and plans to start or suspend the issue of the dollar.

Thus, the entire world financial system is controlled by twelve US private banks, which belong to a narrow group of individuals representing approximately twelve families. The US Army, with all its military power, is in fact a private army, since all of its armament is made for private money – the Fed’s money. And the salary of the US military is paid in dollars, so in the end they are in the service of the Fed. And since the US government, the Pentagon and all other US services and agencies get the money from the Fed and depend on them, because they need the Fed to pay interest for using this money – they somehow serve the Fed, act in the interest of the Fed, that is, in the interests of those 12 banks that form the FRS, in the interests of the owners of these banks.

The US does not just contain the world’s largest private army with the world’s largest military budget – most of the US army is deployed outside the US, at numerous military bases around the world. And the US military campaigns are ultimately carried out in the interests of the Fed, that is, in the interests of the owners of those 12 banks.

These campaigns aim to preserve the existing world order with the dollar system, which everyone should use to remain clients of the Fed, depend on the dollar, on its emission and the interest rate determined by the Fed, so that the whole world continues to pay interest for using the dollar and that the Fed, issue of the dollar, could withdraw a kind of financial tax from all its holders.

Carrying out the issue of the dollar in the amount of 1% of the entire existing dollar mass, the Fed, as it were, takes out 1% of their value from all the pockets in which the dollars lie. The loss of the value of the dollar is about 1% for users is not very noticeable, especially since all are accustomed to a gradual decline in the value of the dollar, because over the past 70 years, it has fallen in price many times.

By depreciating the dollar, the Fed, as it were, takes away some of the value from everyone who uses dollars, removes a kind of percentage. At the same time, the Fed, releasing only 1% of new dollars, gets at its disposal an amount of several trillions, which can be given out to a percentage of customers, including the US government. Including military operations aimed at ensuring that this system continues to function and spread to new countries that are still not actively using the dollar in their calculations or are trying to abandon it.

Naturally, this large system must be provided with power. And without a large military force, a large power with its big money can not manage either, otherwise it will be like a bank without proper protection, which will take to plunder all those who wish to complete devastation. All over the world, American military bases are stationed – not British, not Chinese, not Japanese, but American. The world’s largest military alliance – NATO – is again controlled by the United States, and through NATO, the United States controls the whole of Europe.

Thus, the owners of the FRS control the US government, the US military and control the government’s policies, including foreign policy, including military operations (wars), whose goal is to preserve and strengthen the existing system of financial capitalism, that is, the Fed’s financial power over the world. The Fed multiplies its fortunes and power at the expense of loan interest and the exclusive right to issue money that is not secured by anything other than the military force paid for by the same means.

It is important to note that the dollar as a world currency was adopted quite formally in 1944, when 43 countries out of 44 participating in the Bretton Woods Conference (all except the USSR) signed an agreement on switching to the US dollar as a unit of account in international trade operations. Thus, the financial power of the United States over the world is fixed at the level of international agreements that arose more than half a century ago. After this, the stage of distribution of the officially adopted system to the whole world began.

In 1991, after the liquidation of the USSR and the social bloc, this system was the only one and without alternative, devoid of the last significant obstacle to gaining full control over the world. The US military power over Europe is also officially fixed, at the level of the agreement on the creation of NATO. The US military presence in many countries is formalized by treaties on the deployment of military bases. And there is no special secret in this – all this is taken at the level of many international agreements, openly and officially.

The epoch of colonialism was replaced by the era of neocolonialism, economic and financial colonialism, in which the colonies are formally independent states, but are under external control through financial and economic control mechanisms.

Today, only Iran, the DPRK and maybe Cuba are relatively independent of this system.
What follows from this? And the fact that it is long overdue to shut down the unwantedness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of all countries that are subject to the financial control of the Fed. There can be no question of any independent foreign policy. They only imitate it by inertia, by default agreeing not to publicize this sad fact. Including for the RA. Diplomats can not even go to work. The role of diplomatic missions has long been performed by banks. And the diplomacy of banks is to iron the dog until the muzzle is ready.

They (the banks) determine the internal structure of farms in subordinate countries, manage the appointments of leading cadres and all other “party” policies, including medicine and education. The normative-value system inherent in banks, based on the worship of the dollar and strict subordination to it of all other spheres of social life, penetrated into all its capillaries. Since everything in this regulatory system has long been predetermined and there is no uncertainty, morally-ethical codes, philosophy, sociology, jurisprudence, poetry and literature, even education itself, are absolutely superfluous, except for the technical training of bank clerks.

Even workers are not needed, with potentially dangerous trade unions and a collective struggle for their rights. That’s why they brought all the production outside the US, from sin away.

Now in its pure form it is necessary to follow the logic of the leading activity and rest on its laurels for the next hundred years. But here there was a catch.

The dollar system is essentially a financial pyramid, in which the income of its first depositors is ensured by the inflow of new customers. And if in such a system the flow of clients ceases, the system ceases

Hence it is clear that even if Armenia (and other countries) and would resist that there are forces in the Agreement with the EU, it is not in its powers to resolve such issues. Her strength is dragged in the name of the logic of the world financial system.

A small suspension of this process 4 years ago is due to the fact that the necessary tools were not ready for this. And good diplomats always remember that they must forget. Moreover, they are able to be silent at once in several languages.

With particularly great pleasure, the FRS is interested in including regions with smoldering conflicts in the territories under control, like the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Why?

The fact is that the dollar system, which has spread to virtually the entire world, has exhausted the opportunities for further growth. It has nowhere to grow – almost the whole world has been captured, and the remaining outside the dollar system of the country are very small and will not provide long-term growth.

This means that the owners of the system – the owners of the very twelve banks that make up the Fed – must somehow reset the system, cancel most of the obligations, and perhaps even change the principles of its organization, so as not to face the problem of global restrictions in the future.

How will the Fed owners reset the system? Considering the experience of the First and Second World Wars, following which the owners of the Federal Reserve got control of the world, it can be assumed that the system will also be rebooted through the next world war.

Note that the Fed was established in 1913 – on the eve of the First World War. (The Armenian Genocide immediately followed). The Bretton Woods agreements, which made the US dollar the world currency and gave the Fed control of the world – were signed in 1944, during World War II.

That is, the creation and establishment of the FRS as the world financial power was carried out through world wars – the First and Second. And this, of course, is not accidental.

Therefore, we can assume that the world war will also be unleashed to preserve world power. Moreover, in some sense this war is already under way, only it is characterized by a distributed hybrid war, which is a network of local conflicts controlled from a single center. Therefore, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, with its “covert” oligarchic systems, is very attractive for them. It is especially pleasant that the interests of these oligarchic systems almost coincide with the logic of the Fed.

With the growing claims of the society to the lawful order and justice, there is always the temptation of blackmailing society by the threat of war in the event of a violation of stability in the country. And since this is exactly what the Fed needs, it is necessary to push the authorities trapped into the implementation of this scenario to ensure their salvation and cause a civil war in Armenia.

And the international community, with its opinions prepared in the bowels of the FRS, certainly condemns the violence, but is ready to supply weapons.

So signing the above-mentioned agreement is another step towards saving the Fed from imminent bankruptcy and weakening the security of Armenia.

Grigoryan ER, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Sociology

ORIGINES SOURCE – wa.nt.am/ru/archives/7307

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